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Let's Find a place that helps you relax


You, are why I'm here

If there were not people who were stressed or needed a place to relax, I would not have this website. I am here to help you relax; to feel calm, centered and peaceful. If you have tried various methods of energy work or even if this is a first time visit and you have never experienced relaxation with a practitioner, I can help.


I was a licensed cosmetologist for over 20 years and had thousands of people in that time, in addition to coming to me  for hair styling, also frequently included a relaxing facial, head, shoulder or foot massage with their appointment. I realized very quickly, having such a variety of clients sit in my chair, that people are hurting and will do whatever they can to relieve their mental and physical pain.

 Often we suffer from work or family oriented stress. After having hundreds of people come to me during their lunch hour for a head massage when they were in pain, I realized that the gentle movements were assisting in more ways than the scalp treatment itself would seem to provide.

 I began yoga and meditation at that time and found that I was being guided to make a deeper connection with myself, so that I could pass that on to my clientele.


Now having practiced and achieved the calming and centering of my own mind, and for 15 years developing a method for relieving stress for myself and others, I invite you to connect with  the electrostatic emanations which have transformed my  life. These emanations are part of a vast electromagnetic field of energy is within a Greater realm of awareness created by a Greater Consciousness, which is here to assist you in unraveling, unwinding and disengaging, from the toxic stress vibrations which most of us carry. For more information on electromagnetic field check out  EM @ www.techtarget.com 

My approach is simple and gentle. I am able to work above the body or with a gentle hands on touch. You may feel a warmth from my hands as the energy penetrates your field. This is a totally unconditional, loving, heart centered energy of intent, designed to do for your body and mind what it needs, to align with a feeling of expanded awareness. This is offered for you to feel calm, balanced, relaxed and perhaps even renewed and energized if that is what your body and mind needs.

There are many practitioners who will have a story for all they are doing. I, in and of myself, am not doing, anything. I am opening to a greater conscious awareness which flows through me to serve you. This is often called effortless effort. I offer numerous services, several of which have been mentioned on my services page for you to choose from. Many blessings~

I am also writing a MG-YA Fantasy series called Adventure Beyond Human-Into Sparkling Forest Book 1.  To check out book 1 and previews and covers for books 2 and 3 as well as many other fun things about Adventure Beyond Human, check them out at julianaashe.com

For any questions or to schedule an appointment, call Juliana @ 520-639-6080

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What is it that makes you feel calm?

I thought about leaving this section blank. As the most calming thing we can do for our self is to make a space for no words. For complete quiet. If you have children or a stressful work situation, that may be a while, and that may also be why you need a quiet energy session to relax your mind for a bit.

Many things can help you to feel calm. Try this, next time you might need to relax when you feel tense. 

Take a deep breath in, and hold that breath for just a moment at the top, where you have filled your lungs completely, and then slowly let out that breath and hold for a moment at the bottom of out the breath. Do this three times without a thought, and you may feel a lot better.

 I can gently assist you with breathing and ways to calm your mind that are non-alcoholic, not fattening, do not require a prescription, but could be addictive...in a good way. Feel free to call about any of my services for relieving stress, if you have questions about specific needs. I am here to assist in lifting your mood, calming your mind and aligning your body with a feeling of well-being.


Something to keep in mind as you breathe is to drop your awareness down into your heart area. Your heart is a steppingstone to conscious awareness and a place to connect with peace. Your heart, is also connected to a Greater Heart, which is a field of energy which I connect with as I work with you and that you are already connected to. To be in alignment with that awareness, is what my work is all about.

Energy work and movement is for everyone

We are all made up of an energy field that is Greater than we can truly imagine. This all inclusive energy that flows through us all can be moved and directed to realign our body, mind and spirit with a sense of well-being. When we feel well, we are calm, clear and centered. I can work with men, women, children, pets, and those with disabilities as well. One of my most beloved clients is suffering from Muscular Dystrophy and yet, 1 hour sessions every week have kept him in a place where he can be calmer, more relaxed, aware, less emotional, and reunited with the will to live. This young man has written 3 books, has a masters degree, is a talented artist and keeps a positive attitude and love in his heart for all whose lives are blessed with his presence. Let us remember this when we feel troubles are insurmountable or we feel like giving up. I'm here to relieve your stress. Remember what the Dahli Lama feels is the most important thing he has to share with the world. He says the most important thing to know in life is: Never give up, never give up, never, never, never give up!