Energy Healing in Tucson, AZ

Lift your mood


Sometimes our mood gets the best of us. Put a smile back on your face with a 30 min. hands on or hands above method of transferring energy. Your head and shoulders will feel relaxed and your mind renewed. Continue your day feeling calm, clear and uplifted. Includes a 15 min consultation prior to 30 min. session and 15 min. after, for a total of one hour.


Relax your mind


Our daily lives, often filled with business and family responsibilities, can leave us feeling stressed or agitated. Refocus and relax away your stress in a calm, soothing environment. Our energy sessions, help you to realign a feeling of well-being, in a one hour. session. Includes 15 min. consultation prior to 60 min. session and however long is needed afterward to talk about session or feel centered and ready to go. For a total of one hour and perhaps another half hour or more for the before and after. Many people feel like they have had a full body massage afterward. See couples energy sessions in Tucson, below for more information.


Relieve your pain


Long standing or injury related stress or pain can often be difficult to relieve. Chronic pain or stress can be alleviated with a longer 1 hour session. Feel free here to discuss where your pain and stress originates and relax beforehand with deep breathing or a guided meditation if desired. Includes a 15 min. to 30 min. consultation prior to 1 hour session for total of 1 hour 15-30 min. If before or after session takes longer, I do not charge extra. Only time on table.


Energy sessions in Tucson

Detailed services



1. Mood Lifter
30 min. energy mood lifting session. Leaves you calm, clear and peaceful. $45.00
  2.The stress reliever
Relax away your stress in a calm soothing environment with a 45 min. gentle healing session. Relax your body and mind. 15 min consultation for total of 1 hour service. $65.00
            3. Pain and stress reliever
Relieve chronic pain and stress or even a headache with this wonderful 1 hour session. Includes deep breathing or guided meditation or simply quiet time to allow your body to realign with the pattern of well-being. $75.00
4. Couples energy sessions
Choose service #1, 2 or 3 and do it together! Any of the relaxing services may be done with a friend or partner. Renews, relaxes and energizes when needed. Join me for this very special session.
#1. $80.00 #2. $120.00 #3 $140.00

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Couples sessions


 Feeling like your relationship could use a hand? Perhaps simply wanting to share an energy session with your loved one? I also facilitate couples energy sessions which will provide a relaxing environment for you to feel renewed and refreshed. It is also my pleasure to give you $10.00 off the single price by doing it together. After having numerous energy sessions myself, I noticed that often practitioners do not necessarily make it affordable for everyone. I keep my prices reasonable so you can get the  calm, peaceful centering relief you need that feels right at an affordable price. Whichever session you choose, double the price for two and take $10.00 off the total.



Gary Schindler: Juliana really helps me with pain management and stress. If I am in a bad mood when she begins the session, by the time she's done my mood is lifted and I feel so much better. I was frequently having trouble with reoccurring back pain until I changed my work outs and had several treatments from Juliana. I would not go anywhere else for energy work. I highly recommend her to anyone in mental or physical pain.

Marilyn Mendez: I think Juliana is truly gifted. When I had knee surgery she helped me with the pain and got me moving again. An area where my knee was very hot with inflammation after surgery, became cool after she worked on me. The pain was way down and now I have very little pain. If it flares up, I call her, she gives me the relief I need.

Emilio Mendez: I have had debilitating shoulder pain as my rotater cuff was torn on both sides. She has helped me be mostly pain free for months now when before I saw her I was going to have surgery because the pain was so bad. Now I am holding off on that. She's been a God-send.

Charles Fichman: Jules is amazing. I had been feeling very depressed from an old hip and leg injury. I pretty much just had lost my enthusiasm for life and my work, which is people related, was feeling like a burden. I live in Colorado and she lives in Tucson so I asked if she could do a long distance session. She used a picture of mine and did a 1 hour session. I feel like new. I seriously feel uplifted, no longer depressed and am happy to work with people again. This issue had been pressing and getting me down for a couple of years. I am very thankful for Jules and recommend her to anyone who needs a little sunshine in their life!

Always special



Are you on your feet all day? Do your feet hurt or need a massage? I was a licensed cosmetologist for over 20 years and have done hundreds of foot massages. You will feel relaxed and ready to move forward in your day after a relaxing aroma therapy foot massage with energy session. 40 min foot massage and energy session. 10 min. consultation.

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Two locations to serve you


All of my services are available in a retreat like setting in the Catalina Foothills or you may schedule appointments at ALLURE MEDICAL MED SPA in Tucson on River Rd. near Campbell Rd. Tucson, AZ. Allure medical Med Spa has the best of services. The owner Saejah Tapp is a medically trained esthetitian. She provides customers with numerous services. Her specialty is tattoo removal and laser skin care. She also has an excellent staff, some of which provide services like massage, body toning and firming and my two personal favorites, an IPL laser treatment with Saejah or a micro-dermabrasion facial with Angela. So feel free to call me at 520-639-6080 to schedule with me in my home or call Saejah at ALLURE MEDICAL at 520-365-5028 for my services there by appointment. My services can be coupled with any of theirs. Keep in mind that the reason skin ages is due to many forms of stress. I can work directly on your face to calm, relax and rejuvenate your skin.

ALLURE MEDICAL 2200 E. River Rd. #126  85718

Clients FAQs


#1. Q. What will the energy work you do, feel like?

A. Many people feel a warming sensation as the energy flows through my hands. If my hands are above or gently touching where you have stress or pain, most people feel warmth. Sometimes my hands will feel cool when an area is inflamed and needs the heat in that area to subside.

#2. Q. What if the energy feels uncomfortable?

A. Rarely does a client feel discomfort, usually it feels very relaxing. On some occasions a client will feel energized if that is what is needed. If you do feel uncomfortable with a direct session, you may do an over the phone session with me where you will not feel the heat directly from my hands and yet you will still receive the benefits.

#3. Q. How long will it take for me to have results from your energy sessions?

 A. You will benefit immediately although chronic pain or stress will best be served with several sessions done once per week.

#4. Q. Can your energy session ever make my condition worse?

A. No. What can happen is that if the pattern which you are currently holding as the pain has been there a long time, when that pattern moves there can be what sometimes practitioners refer to as a healing crisis. I feel that is really too strong of a word, as what is really going on, is a reconfiguration. It's like the issue has been held in a cast for a period of time, so there may be an adjustment for a day or two until the energy adjusts to the newly balanced flow of energy.

#5. Q. What if I don't feel anything; is something still happening?

A. My favorite question. And the answer is YES! Do not worry if you cannot feel the energy. That rarely happens, but the energy is very subtle and some people are not wired to feel that. It does however, still go in and relax, center and balance you so you can feel calm and peaceful.

#6. I have a sciatic nerve that gets pinched from time to time, making it difficult to walk. Can you help that?

A. Yes. My husband has this difficulty from time to time. With pain this is important to know... even though you may get a certain amount of relief immediately after the session, it is more common for the issue to feel much better or go away completely the next day. You can receive a couple of treatments if necessary.

#7. Q. Can you heal a disease?

A. I would never claim to heal a specific disease. Often dis-ease is held in the body as patterns that have been long standing and do not necessarily disappear from a few energy sessions. The reason why? Practitioners, sometimes called healers or light workers or even Reiki masters may be able to hold the client in his or her perfection as intent, but if the client has underlying issues that need to be resolved and they do not feel it is possible to be free of illness, or what they see in the mirror, so to speak, is a belief so hardwired that they feel they will have it forever, then that may be true for them. Diseases where wasting away of muscle or brain injury is the case, do not seem to miraculously turn around in this dimension. The brain believes what it sees and even feels is true. It is true on the frequencial spectrum currently held by that individual believing in the disease. The practitioner must take the issue, to where it is not. There is a space, an energetic field, where the issue is not. And yet, depending on the intent both underlying, overlaying and even the soul's intent for the spirit in this life, healers may only be able to relieve suffering and mental anguish. And this they can do. To have peace, even in the face of serious illness, is welcomed by most who suffer.