Sleep well


Are you having trouble sleeping? Did you know that stress is one of the leading causes of sleep deprivation and sleep disorders? A half hour Sleep Well session, to relax and let go of stress, will help you sleep. A relaxing energy session leaves you feeling peaceful and calm.  One hour total, including before and after consult.
Reg. price $45.00
Special price $30.00

Make better choices



Sometimes we have so much on our plate, we make decisions based on the way we are feeling. Sometimes we are feeling stressed. So we make choices that are not good for us, like over eating or drinking or arguing...when those can be the worst choices for problem solving in the moment. A 45 min.  Better Choices session, for allowing the energy patterns of stress to subside, as well as integrating new patterns for better decisions and more balanced outcomes is a great choice. Allow yourself the gift of relaxation and intending the answers to come that you have questions for. Answers will soon flow in, after a session that builds confidence and allows for peaceful, balanced choices. Treat yourself to this gentle 45 min. session + an extra 15-20 min. consult.
Reg. price $55.00
Special price:

Curb your appetite



Do you wish you could curb your appetite? You can. Just relax. Yes, relaxing away anxiety over too much eating can help. Have too many taste buds? Food just tastes so good, it's hard to stop? Allow a 1 hour session, where suggestions for relaxing as well as making the healthier choices for eating, are offered to you in a meditation given through the session. You will also be able to take home these healthy suggestions which you can use on your own after your session, to continue the new patterns of intent, and relax enough to use them.
Reg. price 75.00
Special price: $60.00

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