Our Vison


Who I am

My  name is Juliana Ashe. I have offered alternative therapies to relieve  stress and pain for many years. I am truly Your Mood Lifter in Tucson.
I  am an empath. An empath feels the emotion or pain of others despite the  fact that they themselves are not going through the same situation. As an empath, I have a gift for utilizing energetic patterns of light to  relieve suffering. I also frequently get impressions or internal  guidance about a person's life situation.

What I do

I offer pain and stress relief in Tucson Arizona, through energy work which is similar to Reiki. This is a universal life force energy which  realigns the body and mind with the true intention of the spirit, which is to experience and express it's well-being. My work uplifts the spirit  and is very useful for those with depression. I also can assist in  relieving pain as well as releasing stress from the body brought on from various life situations which are causing the person emotional pain or suffering.

Mission statement

My mission is to uplift and assist humanity in connecting to their greatest self and potential for well-being. I share knowledge about energy practitioners, and what our job truly is. My job is to guide one to the awareness that we can all relieve stress from our field, once we are shown how to do so. To regain balance, and to hold the energies I offer and impart to patients is essential to maintain and continue total wellness after our sessions.   

Vision statement

My vision is to uplift humanity and incorporate awareness of many other realms of consciousness. I will weave this as story-line through my series: Adventure Beyond Human. I am currently writing book 2 of the Fantasy Series Adventure Beyond Human for MG-YA. [See this series of  books @ www.julianaashe.com. ] I am also writing a book for my: your mood lifter website: Your Heart is the Key [The movement of conscious choice.] which should be available Spring, 2018.